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Greg and Maria
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Greg and Maria
Family, Friends, Laughs, Love
We'd like to introduce ourselves.  We are Greg and Maria and we are thrilled you are getting to know us.  

We'd first like to start by saying "Thank You".  Thank you for considering the choice of adoption.  Thank you for putting the needs of your child above everything else. We know this decision is extremely difficult, so thank you for being so brave and selfless.  And most of all, if you choose this road, thank you for giving the most precious gift life has to offer and making someone's dream come true.
Quick Look:
                   Greg   Maria
Job: High School Marine Science teacher
Co-own Fishing Charter Company
Has Coast Guard Captains License

High School Science/Biology teacher
Co-own Fishing Charter Company
Has NY Physical Therapist License

Hobbies:  Fishing/boating
Shark Research
Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Favorite Place: "On the water in my boat and in the woods."

"I love spending time with my family wherever they are and I love going to the beach!  I also love visiting my parents in Florida and my in-laws in Western New York."

Favorite Foods: Chocolate chip cookies Pasta and BBQ anything!
Favorite Music: "I like all types of music but some of my favorite bands are Dave Matthews and Mumford and Sons."

"I love singing and dancing to anything that has a good beat and I know the words!"

Our Story...  

We met in school in 2002.   You see we are both high school science teachers on Long Island and we shared an office and a classroom!

Then one day we realized we were more than just friends, we were in love, so we got married!

We got married at Greg's parents house in Western New York on July 16, 2005. If rain is supposed to be good luck, then we should be very lucky because it poured that day!

Ever since then, we've been enjoying our lives together, especially travelling!   We've visited Hawaii, gone swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, joined a missions trip in Guatemala, and spent some time in Puerto Rico.  We love going on adventures together, and can't wait to bring a child along for the fun!

We enjoy a close relationship with each of our families and are very glad to be able to visit with them often.  Any child would be lucky to join such a loving extended family. 

About Maria,  by Greg

Maria is my compliment. She is the voice of reason when I get blinded by the grandeur of my most recent crazy idea. She is the one to show me the bright side of a bad day. She is the one to ask, what can I do, when work is overwhelming me. 

I can say for certain, Maria is tired of mothering me... she is ready for a real baby! There is nothing I would like more than for her greatest wish of all to come true.

Check out our website to learn even MORE about us:

Thank you for the greatest gift that can be given!

About Greg, by Maria

Greg is one of the most decent human beings I know.  He is king hearted, loving, warm, generous, and extremely funny.  Boy does he make me and everyone around him laugh!  When I see him, my heart still flutters and a huge smile comes across my face!  I know that no matter what happens, he will always be there to make sure things are ok.  He would make an outstanding father because he has patience, loves teaching little ones, is extremely protective of his family, and is a fantastic provider.  He loves life and lives life to the fullest! 



Our Life...

Our Dogs
Kona and Luna are our two adorable Pomeranians. They add so much joy to our lives and are incredibly sweet!

We love to do couples costumes for Halloween,   Here we are
as Dorothy and Tin Man.

Greg has his Coast Guard Captain's license and we love to fish!  We own a charter company and spend the summers on the water!


Thank you...

Even though this was just a glimpse into our lives, we hope you got a chance to know us a little bit better.

We are all about love, family, values, morals and faith. 

We want more than anything to be parents and we hope you consider us if adoption is the decision you choose.  

We will give your baby unconditional love, and a happy, stable, beautiful home and life!

                   Love from, 

                            Greg and Maria