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Completing an NY Adoption can be a complex matter.  Depending on the unique facts of a family adoption situation, a Stepparent Adoption, Grandparent Adoption or Relative Adoption can involve the children's birth parents, even if they have not been involved in the prospective adopted child's life for a long time.

The best interest of the child is the guiding principle in adoption law.  If you are seeking family stability and permanence for a child, an adoption may be the best choice.

Hudson Valley Adoption Services can help you to complete your home study and guide you through the complex legal process of making a permanent home for a child. 

We provide support for the following specific NY Adoption Law Services:

      • Stepparent Adoption
      • Grandparent Adoption
      • Relative Adoption
      • Foster Parent Adoption Finalization
      • Adult Adoption

“No attorney or law firm employed by or providing legal services to Hudson Valley Adoption Services may also provide any legal services to a birth parent or an adoptive parent working with the Hudson Valley Adoption Services in regard to the placing out of a child for adoption or in an adoption proceeding.”


The most common intra-family or Relative Adoption is the Stepparent Adoption, followed by the Grandparent Adoption and adoption by other relatives.  These adoptions usually require the adoption consent of the child's birth parents or original parents.  If the child is virtually without parents due to death or long-term parental abandonment, then parental consent will not be required.

When dealing with such a specialized area as NY adoption law, it is very important to work with a NY adoption professional who specializes in adoption law.   A recognized NY Adoption Attorney and a NYS Approved Adoption Agency are the best sources for advice on how to adopt a child in NY.  Our Hudson Valley Adoption Services Executive Director is a licensed NY attorney and a Fellow in the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.

A Stepparent Adoption, Grandparent Adoption, or other Relative Adoption terminates the parental rights of the absent parent or parents if they are alive.  For this reason, unless the child's living parents have consented to the adoption, the Court will want to be sure that the child's original parents have had the opportunity to object and present their side of the story.  In many cases the adoption will still be granted in the child's best interest, even if absent parents do not affirmatively consent, but only after official notice to the birth parents or other legal guardian, giving them the opportunity to be heard.

Foster Parents may adopt their foster child with the consent of the Agency with legal custody of the child, if the parental rights of the child's birth parents have already been terminated. 

In some families, there have been previous court proceedings and court orders involving the children.  Those may be very important in persuading a judge that the child deserves family permanency and stability through adoption.

A Relative Adoption may require an adoption home study.  Click here to learn about a NY Adoption Home Study or contact us to discuss the specific facts of your situation.